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Please know that Carl's death had nothing to do with his having ridden his bike that day. I yelled out, "I'm opening the car. Run to the car." Carl was nowhere near his bicycle when he was struck. His bike was at the bottom of the hill and we found him under a tree at the top. We'll never know the reason he didn't run down to the cars or get out from under those tall trees, but it had nothing to do with the bike. If he had been where his bike was, he wouldn't have been hit. I do believe in something much more powerful than we are - a mystery we will not understand in this lifetime. This world's beloved Carl, was happily eating some of the fruits of his labors (our community garden) when this act of nature overcame him. We retrieved his bike and it's at a neighbor's house. We will ask Carol if she'd like it at the memorial service

I agree with Mr. McCarthy. The death of Mr. Henn is beyond tragic but had most likely little to do with his biking. He was there with friends and surely he must realized danger and would certainly seek shelter in safety of the friend's vehicle. The question is .. did he have enough time to ralise the danger and act accordingly?
What if he got hit before he even could run for cover? Or once he realised the danger?

Whatever happen.. we really don't know and never will.

I just wanted to report a strangest sighting the night of the storm over the King Farm Picnic Area
where Mr. Henn got stroke by lightning..

I am a resident of King Farm and in the evenning I went outside on the deck to just breath a bit of a nice fresh air..
In a darkness of power outage the only light was a beautiful almost full moon..
no trace of the violent storm.. just few tinny white clouds surrounded the moon like a wreath..
When I look at those clouds carefully I saw very clear rainbows on them
amazing rainbows...

Never saw anything like that in my life..

Once the clouds passed the moon the rainbow dissapeared.

The strangest thing was that the moon was positioned directly from my prespective over the high trees in the Picnic area of the King farm where Mr. Henn got stroke.

I know that this is just a pure coincidence but then again.. similarly to what MrCarthy said.. "there is something much more powerful then we are" and whatever it is...

Those rainbows could have been nothing.. but to me they will always be sign of some consoltion that Mr. Henn went up there and he sent his rainbows upon us as a sing that he is happy on the other side..
till we see him again.
some sort of saying his goodbyes and sending peace.

Samantha, those rainbows are something astronomers fittingly call "the glory".

I interviewed Carl Henn back in 1997. The video is now on blip.tv at:

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