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Here's another article calling for better treatment of bicyclists on ESPN.com of all places.

Former Redskins coach Jim Zorn is an avid mountain bike rider as well. In a magazine interview, he said that back in his football-playing days, he and a buddy used to experiment with making their own mountain bikes, before those types of bikes were widely available.

Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones lives in downtown Cincinnati just a couple miles from the stadium and rides to work on a sweet Surly fixed-gear bike. Nice article about him and his bike at http://www.bicycling.com/news/featured-stories/another-ride-dhani-jones.

Maybe if the Redskins didn't play out in the boonies these guys could talk more of their teammates into riding. Really hope they do get involved in BTWD, though.

Dhani also has the popular show on the Travel Channel, "Dhani Tackles the Globe". He seeks out different sports in various countries and regions, often traditional sports that aren't in the public eye. Then he trains for a competition in that sport and does his best.

One of the episodes this year featured Dhani training for and participating in a gran fondo (mass-start amateur bike race) in Italy. This was no casual ride around the vineyards. It involved some serious climbing in the mountains. I don't remember the total distance but it took him several hours to finish the event. Dhani said that it was arguably the toughest athletic activity he had ever done.

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