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The Alexandria portion of the TIGER request got mentioned at last week's Transportation Commission meeting, but specific station locations didn't.

The Federal desert on the south and north side of the Mall appears to be underserved. So much for GSA working with DDOT to ensure that Federal workers will use CaBi for travel to other agencies.

After seeing a map of the locations on GGW, I found it curious that there are a dozen or so stations east of the Anacostia, but only 3 or 4 in the area north of New York Ave and east of North Capitol. And none at all along or north of Military Rd.

agreed with froggie here, and coverage is especially weak near trinidad, carver/langston, and the eastern end of the H street corridor. i wonder how much crime statistics were taken into consideration when the final list was put together.

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. I would have thought they'd put more near where local people would use them...like grocery stores, college campuses, and residential areas. For example, no stations on the GT campus, none at Catholic, two near Howard, and one at Gallaudet (GW is well served). It seems like colleges and businesses alike might be willing to pay for some of the costs if this can drive business or improve student life. As it is, the focus on dupont and downtown (particularly around the white house) means they'll mostly get used during the day and perhaps mostly by tourists.

Very little love for NE Capitol Hill. No stations in the box bounded by East Capitol, H St NE, 2nd St NE, and 19th St NE.

Although Capitol Hill is at best moderate density, it would be nice to see some stations placed to take advantage of the bike lane infrastructure on the Hill and destinations that could be served.

Possible additional locations include the Northeast Branch library at 330 7th St NE; Stanton Park; near the CVS/Safeway at the Starburst intersection (845 Benning Rd NE/1601 Maryland Ave NE), Options PCS at 1375 D St NE, Rosedale Recreation Center.

1028 bikes at 137 stations in Arlington County

1000 bikes at 100 stations in DC

Arlington will have more bikes and bike stations than DC????

Wondering where the one at Wisc and M is going to be placed. Is the mall going to give up some of thier space by the canal? Or that little bit in front of Patagonia?

All of the stations will be on DC ROW. The tiger stations are in addition to these, so dc will still have about 75 more stations than Arlington(200 vs 125) . But Arlington probably needs more, because it's bigger - by both pop and acreage.

Unless Wiki is lying to me, DC is bigger.
Area-26 square miles
Population- 209,300
Density- 7,995 /sq mi

Area- 68.3 square miles
Polulation- 599,657 (+1 mini-WashCycle)
Density- 9,776.4/sq mi

Either way, both Arlington and DC deserve the lion share of any regional bike share system due to the higher rates of bike commuting and the commitment to investing in the infrastructure needed to make one successful. Alexandria is a close 3rd there. Not sure where people in Reston, Wheaton or Kensigton are supposed to be riding these things though.

Whoops. Even though we were both typing Arlington, I was for some reason thinking Montgomery. My bad.

Also, it will be more like 200 in dc and 150 in Arlington.

To restate now that I'm at a real keyboard. DDOT is only building on land that DC owns. So no college campus's, no GSA land no NPS land etc..That explains a lot of the areas where stations are missing, but not near NE.

Arlington won't have more than DC.

The 1,000 bikes that DC has already bought aren't included in those numbers. If we win the TIGER grant, DC will have 2,000 bikes.

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