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What is the current extent of this trail (where does it go from/to)? And are there connector trails along it?

Matt, it currently goes from a dead end in the woods at the DC/MD line through Avondale neighborhood Park, along Lasalle, Ingraham and Russel streets to another dead-end above the MD end of Metro's Green line tunnel.

DC will build a connection from the DC/MD line to the Met Branch Trail at Fort Totten; and PG County will run the trail alongside the Metro from the Russel dead-end to the NE Branch trail spur off Chillum. So it will connect the MBT to the Anacostia Trails.

it's a pretty damn nice trail. jaime and i rode it a couple weekends ago. shame they didn't work on punching a hole through to eastern ave. on the other side at the same time, instead of leaving a worthless stub for now.

Well, PG County can't, and DDOT was busy working on the other section of the MBT. But soon...

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