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Maybe I am just a little slow...

How will this affect bicycle commuters who cross the bridge into and out of the city? Is the ATL going to the Jefferson Memorial actually going to be closed?

"detour trail segment on the southbound bridge span."

Is there a link to a map, maybe? Thanks!

14th St Bridge not affected. The closed bridge span is the Humpback bridge going north on GW Pkwy.

The picture was taken here... http://bit.ly/cpmk32

As of this morning, they hadn't closed the Trail on Humpback Bridge yet. But based on what they're doing in the pic, it looks like folks going north on the Mt Vernon Trail will now have to make the left to go up to the 14th St. Bridge, but then make a right at this new detour, and then proceed over the channel on the other span of the Humpback bridge, the one that normally just has the southbound GW Parkway traffic.

OK. Thank you very much for the clarification darren.

As a devoted follower of Washcycle, I know about the closure of Humpback bridge but somehow thought this related to the 14th Street bridge.

The cars looked even more backed up than usual yesterday getting on the NB Pkwy!

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