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Unfortunately I see too many cyclists on the trails who don't call out a passing warning. At the same time, I also see too many runners (and cyclists) wearing earphones. Many of those people are lost in their own little world, completely oblivious to their immediate environment. Some runners weave or suddenly dart out to the left, for whatever reason. If they are wearing earphones, it's impossible to get their attention when passing.

It does seem like the runner in the CCT incident was not wearing earphones though.

I've also seen cyclists and runners using their cellphones while riding/running on the trails. Frankly, that's insane. One guy was on his cellphone, sitting up on his hybrid bike and not holding onto the handlebars, and riding on the wrong side of the MVT last week. I can only shake my head. Well, actually I had to yell at him first because he was headed straight toward me.

People need to be much more aware of basic safety principles and use some common sense. I remember the comments from one poster here earlier in the year about how cyclists should be moved to bike/run trails only so they wouldn't have to use bike paths or roads. Well, I don't think the bike/run trails are really that much safer than the roads because of so many acts of idiocy. I think it's safe to ride on the trails and most roads (not high-speed highways) but it can be frustrating to see so many clueless people out there. That includes car drivers, cyclists, runners, pedestrians, rollerbladers and dog walkers.

Ive seen many runners suddenly stop an do a uturn. I have no idea what the hell theyre thinking.

Someone at work did that a couple weeks ago on the MVT. She was wearing earphones and did a sudden U-turn. A cyclist smacked into her when she did that and knocked her over.

When she told me about it, I tried to be nice but I made sure to mention that it's better not to wear earphones on the trails or the roads. She wasn't seriously injured, just a few scrapes. I really think earphones should be limited to running on the treadmill or using a stationary bike.

People always say that they have the volume down low and they can hear what's going on around them. That's not what I see everyday. Most of the earphone wearers can't hear anything other than their music.

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