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Why does it take so long?

The main reason is the land. It wasn't all owned by one property owner and so each piece has to be negotiated. And for NPS, CSX, WMATA, PEPCO, etc.. this is very small potatoes. So while it may be one of DDOT's top priorities - it doesn't make the top 100 at PEPCO. And then land use has so many legal elements - so then you get lawyers involved. Lawyers are paid to be cautious, so they move slowly (and for awhile they were all busy dealing with land acquisitions for the baseball stadium, so DDOT couldn't get them to look at anything for almost a year - a hidden cost of the baseball stadium). Some parts rely on property development - so that is outside of DDOT's control. In some cases DDOT isn't getting a deal they like, so they're waiting to see if things will change. And, this is DDOT's first real trail project in a very long time, so lack of institutional knowledge is probably an issue.

In MD, the problem is money. Montgomery county has none. And they need more than none to pay for this.

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