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Interesting. At 0:44, the bike light turns green. Two seconds later, a motor vehicle crosses the intersection (against its red). Good thing that biker wasn't quick to enter the intersection. Damned scofflaw motorists!

Hey thats pretty nifty!

one issue, the light is across the intersection, that is a problem. In a Dutch setup it would be right next to the cyclist on the right, where there is a support for the overhead lights. I would not look across the intersection for that light if I were riding there, and it would be hard for people with vision problems or if there were other issues going on in the street. (well actually I would having seen this video, but none the less)

still cool and glad they solved the wrong way cyclist problem by accommodating and legitimizing the shortcut and not doing everything to block.

The light is hard to see, especially going north, and moving it to the post next to the cyclist is a great suggestion.

I rode it today and couldn't get the light to trigger. It had just rained so I wonder if that caused it to not work (It shouldn't). Has anyone else had a problem? Maybe the issue is that I traded my soul for ALF pogs.

It feels like an improvement, although it's there wasn't any sort of 'bike box' indicated when I went through there. It seems funny to stop at that light when bikers (myself some of the time) blow through other stop lights without thinking. Plust the concerns noted above about the placement of the lights. In Melbourne, there are buttons at all the crossings that actually work! You press the button, and you get a green light within 10-15 seconds, greatly increasing the likelihood that they'll get used. All-in-all, I'd give it a 'B'.

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