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I wonder what the professional traffic engineers hadn't taken into account that the amateur traffic engineer mayor saw.

One must wonder what it was that was not considered that after months and months of planning, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, and after all the paint was already laid down to cause Fenty to tear up the plans and substitute some etch-a-sketch revision in its place.

As Klein has said a few times, when they implemented it, it didn't work on the ground, wasnt safe. If they both saw the same thing, so be it.

Well that is what Klein said but is it what Fenty is saying now? Because the whole "it's for your own good" kind of smelled at the time like a throw away excuse.

Anyway - I've ridden the lanes both before and after and I would be hard put to find any safety enhancement post design.

On the other hand - I do believe the post design lanes created a very real safety degradation.

i've said it before - in the space of a few short weeks, following sharp criticism by the AAA, we went from a world class city with a world class bike boulevard to a world class city with a bike path that runs through it.

Well, part of Klein's job is to agree with Fenty. So one has to be suspect as to whether they saw the same thing (and I've heard rumors they did not). Klein's not going to publicly disagree with Fenty.

As to whether it is unsafe, either of them actually thought that or either of them is qualified to be the judge of that, is another set of issues.

Did the city contract with a traffic planning company to design the bike lanes? Anyone know their take on the whole process?

Can anyone question the Fenty administration's commitment to public and alternative transportation? How many bike lanes have been created in the four years since he took office? How many existed before it? How many bike-centric programs has he instituted? Gray has been in DC government in one form or another for 20 years. What did he do during that tenure to promote bicycle use? What has he been insinuating about the Mayor's attention to bike agendas (hint: he cynically uses them to fuel his race-bating campaigns in Wards 7 and 8)? Lets not lose site of the big picture.

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