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His campaign gets to quietly play the gentrification card using those indicators while he gets to say he's in favor of them. Being the non-incumbent candidate he can play both sides and get away with it. His council record hasn't been bad for bikes, but he's never been a champion. The question is whether he will be as mayor.

This just in: Gray supports higher taxes, reduced government spending AND balanced budgets. All at the same time.

Seriously, I just hope that IF he wins, that he doesn't become a permanent campaigner and actually focuses on doing things, rather than trying to get good sound bytes. I'm not following the mayoral race too closely but since Fenty is a bike fan and a triathlete, and I've met him a couple times in person, I hope he wins.

The bike lane and dog park stuff is gentrification-based. It's a dog whistle.

Lets call this "gentrification" issue what it is - racist, cynical race-bating. And Gray's hardly playing that race card quietly. When he's in wards 6, 7, and 8, one of his favorite things to do is bash Fenty's attention to "bike lanes and dog parks." Gray will dismantle the gains DC has made in alternative transportation just to placate a constituency that wants to see him thumb his nose at wards 1-4. The media is giving him a pass on his duplicitous campaign promises and unsubstantiated claims. Despite this, you don't need to guess at how he feels about alternative transportation - his 20 year record speaks for itself. If you care about the bike agenda, don't vote for him.

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