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every street except pa ave, 7th, 9th, and the others that upset the motorist applecart that is. is it not totally apparent yet that this man will say what he thinks his present audience wants to here?!

That is not leadership - he will be a disaster for this city.

I think Gray is pandering here to appeal to cyclists. But all of his actions, both on this campaign and in his work in the Council, indicates that he's a "cars first, all others take a number" kind of guy.

Gray's campaign has shown that he will say and promise almost anything to win votes. But is he running on any tangible platform? No. He's running a campaign of "marching toward the past" - DC doesn't need that.

He must have read some of the posts and comments on WashCycle, I guess.

I don't know much about him since I'm not a DC resident, but I'm not too thrilled to hear about the attitudes and comments of his supporters.

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