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WHEN WHEN WHEN will the Mt Vernon trail be repaved from the Key Bridge to Alexandria? And when done will it be as smooth as a street? Or lumpy like little kids were in control of the asphalt and playing with?

The worst part of the news is that concerning lee Highway. I KNEW this wold happen...or not happen, re bike lanes. Pathetic. Predictable.

AGree with Satan. And WHEN will the Custis trail from under 66 to the Key bridge be repaved?

All the efforts of Arlington to be transporation progressive are well appreciated. but we canot let the trails get to the point that the Custis trail has deteriorated to. This undermines bicycling in so many ways.

Satan, lend me a dollar, and maybe we'll be another dollar closer to funding a repave? The Mount Vernon Trail, alas, is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Repaving the MVT is just one of thousands of competing funding priorities. That's not an excuse for its state in some places, but I think it's helpful to consider the context of its condition.

Also, on the Lee Highway repave, please feel free to let VDOT know what you think of its not following its own policies, as described here - http://www.virginiadot.org/programs/resources/bike_ped_policy.pdf

Finally, I urge those of you unhappy with the state of the Custis trail surface to let the County Board know about it. Some Arlington County Board members and staff know quite well that the Custis has some rough sections, but like the MVT above, it's just one of many competing budget priorities. The less they hear from the public about this importance of the Custis as a transportation corridor, the easier it is to think of it as a recreational nicety, and defer maintenance.

(Chair of the Arlington BAC)

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