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FYI: $28 million in passenger facility charge revenue collected by the Washington Metro Airport Authority in 2008. That's not an insignificant amount. I don't plan to bike to Dulles but it would be nice to have long term bike parking at National Airport--for those late flights when Metro isn't running. Employees also need bike parking.

Both airports collected a total of $115 million in parking revenue for 2008. Airports seem to be one of the few places that parking is priced appropriately.

McCain is the Senator who sometime back in the 90s was fighting to get the runways lengthened at National so he could get direct flights back to Arizona without having to make the trek to Dulles.

McCain's wealth comes from his wife's control of the liquor distribution monopoly in AZ. i.e. "big government"

Too bad since BWI is looped by a bike path that connects to the B&A trail.

I biked to National once. It was hard to find the bike parking rack - and hard to get to it. But I had a very early flight and it worked for me. All vacation I worried it wouldn't be there when I got back. I'd love something easier to get to and more secure.

I would definitely bike to and from National if there were something secure. (Consider me chorus to your chorister.)

Why can't they use other funds?

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