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...but you should vote for Mendelson.

Is Brown as legendarily soft on crime as Mendelson? If not, this could be a fortuitous turn of events.

I don't care who you vote for either--I live in PG. But I can say that Mr. Mendelson took the initiative to meet with the WABA board during August, even after being told that it would be sparsely attended (with half the membership living in the suburbs). He wanted to meet with WABA because he was concerned about MPD's performance in the Swanson case, and wanted ideas on what to do about it.

Not being a D.C. resident, I'm not too familiar with either, or with Mendelson. I'll just add that the Kwame Brown who is (was?) on the D.C. Council is NOT the Kwame Brown who was the Washington Wizard's no. 1 overall draft pick during Michael Jordan's time here. Kwame Brown (basketball player) was also one of the most spectacular draft busts in NBA history.

I'm sure most people here already knew all this, but I just wanted to get in a minor shot at Kwame Brown for playing so badly. And at Michael Jordan for being such a poor GM/team president.

And the Vincent Gray who is running for mayor as the anti-bike-lane candidate is not the same as the Vincent Gray who is running for mayor as the pro-bike candidate. Oops, he is.

The easiest way to avoid the confusion is to vote for Mendelson.

+1 Mendelson

Let's also be clear that the Michael Jackson who is running for County Executive of PG can neither dance nor sing. Nor can the Michael Jackson who directs bicycle and pedestrian affairs for the state of Maryland. However, both of them can ride bikes. The Michael Jackson that could dance and sing, by contrast, may have died young because as a child he was not allowed to ride a bike.

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