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Carroll Avenue(195) in Takoma Park is the best (worst?) example I can think of. They essentially put an edge line stripe at the gutter pan. The bike lane symbol doesn't even fit in it.

Route 28, north side. The bike lane narrows (no end-lane sign) as the road widens for the west-bound left turn lane. It gets down to about a foot wide, and then a pot hole takes the rest right beside a driveway.

Sounds like Jim might be referring to the practice of striping alongside the gutter pan as has been done on Annapolis Rd in Landover Hills and New Carrolton. I'm sure most motorists and at least some police view the space to the right of the stripe as bike lane.

So what about the stretch of MacArthur in MD that has the MUP adjacent to the road - up in Glen Echo.

Not single direction and not always stamped with a bicycle symbol or "Bike Lane" and certainly not 4 or 5 ft for each direction.

My guess is that doesn't count and riding on the shoulder on MacArthur - despite all the crap you hear from drivers - is OK?

I think the MUP is different. You aren't required to use that.

There are several signs on MacArthur Blvd. that tell drivers to share the road with cyclists.

true - i had forgotten all about the signs.

I'm just thinking of that recent-ish round of troubles that MD-bound MacArthur riders had (back in the Spring?) where cops were giving them grief for being on the road. Fuzzy memory.

most of rt. 28 is a substandard bike lane. takoma park FOR SURE!!! this area is a joke in allegedly progressive community!! you know, the berkeley of the east...
i suppose since the WHOLE area of Silver Spring is a utter transporation clusterf***k, and embarassing for the morons who oversee "development" here, that silver spring doesnt count because it has NO BIKE INFRASTRUCTURE AT ALL!!!! have you triend riding down ANYT side street on down fenton street in silver spring? my god -- what country is this??? -- haiti??

Thanks to all for examples. If you are able to get the width (ideally of both the pavement and gutter) when you go by these lanes, let me know.

@Ron and Satan: Thanks for the MD-28 example, MDOT can certainly get a state highway corrected. There are so few state highways with bike lanes I had not realized MD-28 had one. Ron I am looking at the google maps image linked but find slow internet here makes it difficult to decipher--any other elaboration on the place you mention and where the last bike lane symbol is before the problem?

@Grendel: The narrow shoulder/apron to the right of the stripe you mention on MD-450 is not in any sense a bike lane--remediation will probably be R4-11 (bicycles may use full lane) sign and maybe sharrows--more on that another time. The sector plan for this area (MNCPPC) actually has a road diet and a bike lane there--but SHA disputes county modeling. If this is an area that you care about, suggest you sign up for the WBA Trail listserve which will encompass that area

@Bilsko. I think Dave clarified this--no bike lane on McArthur, right?

If anyone was curious, that bike lane on Decator in Edmonstron is 21" from stripe to gutter, with a 14" gutter. SHA is not completely clear but a graphic in their design guidance seems to imply that only the pavement counts (though for AASHTO the gutter counts too). So either MD has a better standard than AASHTO, or its design guidance has a graphic that we can use to encourage SHA.

@Jim: Here's the closest one. The bike lane shrinks down to one or two feet as they add a left-turn lane for Jones Lane.

An ariel shot shows the full extent of the problem better. It also shows a faded bike lane symbol immediately after the choke point.

In a sadly amusing way, the pot hole I mentioned has been around so long they striped the lane right over it.

There's also spots like this valley, where the bike lane might be wide enough, if not for the gravel and loose asphalt that is now blocking most of the bike lane (now a couple of inches deep and farther in than this shows).

@jeff - you mean this carroll street view? Look right, there's a bike lane; look left, there's a line by the gutter. What's the line for? And on the other side, there is a lane, but it looks pretty narrow to me. I'll try to measure it tomorrow. I'm curious what 4 feet looks like from a bike. In defense of Takoma Park, that stretch of carroll is on the boundary (I think).

Here's another view of a bike lane symbol on Carroll Ave by Barron St. Apparently, the symbols come in two standard sizes, one 40" by 60" and one 24" by 48". I think it's obvious that this symbol is only two feet wide.

@Nancy - I just went by there. Amazingly, if counting the gutter, the part with the stencil is 4' wide. However! Just down the hill is a big sign that says "bike lane", pointing to a stretch that is narrower, 3'3", counting the gutter. I sent Jim the originals. Here's some picasa fun.

http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/transparent_album_background.gif) no-repeat left">Bad Bike Lane

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