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I seem to recall a story a few years ago of a pedestrian who was struck and killed, and when the family claimed the body they found a jay-walking ticket tucked into the shirt.

Anectdotally, emergency room ticketing seems to be SOP for the MPD when pedestrians or cyclists are in collisions. My advice to anyone who is in an accident is tell the hospital staff you don't want to speak to police until you are recovered. Unless you are suspected of a criminal act (DWI, leaving the scene of an accident) you have the right to privacy when in the hospital.

Unless there is clear physical evidence, for the police to ticket someone based on just the other party's statement is just shoddy police work.

Finally, Cindy, the cyclist who thought her accident was "more the driver's fault" is wrong.

I agree on Cindy. She's wrong twice. Both the crash, and not paying the ticket.

New Jersey has specific provision giving skating the same rights and responsibilities as cyclists (though allowing localities to outlaw skating on streets which several do). In Maryland the law is vague but a literal reading of the definition of vehicle makes skates a vehicle. DC and VA, by contrast, use old model language that antedates the widespread use of inline skates (i.e. the widespread presence of skaters who can keep up with a bike). But DC generally ignores that law while Arlington often enforces is, relegating skates to sidewalks which are often unskatable.

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