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what's the weird French stuff. that means nothing to me.

Try this.

Um, alright then. I personally thought this was a fine feature without the jargon... It just confuses me because I think it has anything to do with the content whatsoever, then I realize it doesn't.

The point is just to limit the list. There are like 7 million bike stories worldwide every week, so this forces me to limit this to the most important.

The first three are usually the most important. The last one the most silly. And the others might be related to their categories. A story about a young cyclist or something new might be placed under the Blanc category.

Also it fits in with the Tour de ... theme.

Senators Kerry and Brown also said that they might train for a triathlon together some day.

That Seattle mountain bike park is pretty neat. I wouldn't mind if they built one in the D.C. area. I'd check it out if they did.

I think the "weird French stuff" is fun. :)

Scott F: You weren't really serious, were you?

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