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Was this placed there by a boy scout? (seriously)

I recall a presentation by a local boy scout whose community service project sounds just like this.

presta or schraeder?

Looks like a multi-head - does both. Hope it doesn't get vandalized/stolen.

Awesome! I wondered the same thing that Steve asked about. I have a presta/schraeder adapter somewhere...

Yes, Geof, this is that project. And it's Schraeder/Presta compat. It's been there for at least a month or two.

Unfortunately, the plunger on the pump is a bit rough. I keep meaning to remember to bring some lube along to see if I can fix it.

Oh, wait. I thought this was talking about the one in Bluemont Park. One there, too. Identical.

Very sweet. I was struck by a similar spirit when recently biking on the Capital Crescent and at a light someone rode up and asked a bunch of bikers, "anyone have a multi-tool?" Sure enough, someone stopped and helped her fix her bike seat.

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