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I hope no one let Ashley Halsey onto a bikeshare bike when he was writing that story. We want to keep the system crash-free . . .

Couple of thoughts/questions:

1) Have they solved the problem of having all the bikes collect at the downhill stations? Seems like a lot of people from, say, Woodley Park could bike downtown and then take the Metro home to avoid biking uphill on a clunky 3-speed.

You could theoretically solve this with a pricing scheme that rewards people for biking uphill, but that doesn't exist now and I'm curious how they will deal with it.

2) The pricing scheme seems to promote trip-hopping. For example, if I wanted to go from Adams Morgan to Crystal City, the trip would probably take more than half an hour. But I could take one bike downtown or to Foggy Bottom, drop it off, take another bike, and avoid the fee. Not sure if that's a flaw, but it seems a little odd.

Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

Kericap, they have trucks that will redistribute the bikes. Trip-hopping is strongly encouraged.

MB, very funny.

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