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Wow, that Montreal Gazette misinformation is pretty glaring. Too bad they make it so difficult to report factual errors...comments aren't allowed, no author is given, so I just e-mailed the general Letters to the Editor mailbox, [email protected] how long it will be before anyone picks up the e-mail....

Happy Car Free Day everyone, and have a great Fall (the season, not the sudden dismounting from your bike)....and keep safe

When will Bixi be in Georgetown and other areas that don't have a Metro station?

@SJE, I count 3 or 4 (depending on how you define your boundaries) stations in Georgetown looking at the station map.

Crystal City to Petworth is 7.7 miles using a very direct route according to google maps. If you made it in 42 minutes, that's an 11 mile per hour average.

That's pretty impressive, considering that one must assume you had to stop at plenty of intersections on the way.

I'm not disputing that you did it or that it can be done, but I doubt most people could make the trip that fast in most circumstances without pushing pretty hard between stops.

Rebecca, you are right. The first link I used did not show any in GTown, but your link did. THanks!

@SJE Not all of the stations have been installed yet, which is why the Georgetown stations don't show up on the map of currently operational stations (only 52 of the 114 stations have been installed...DDOT says the rollout will be complete by the end of October). The map I linked you to contains all of the stations in the CaBi system, including the ones that aren't yet built.

Just be glad you live in Georgetown and not Brightwood, for which no love from CaBi is scheduled any time soon!

Ah, thanks for the explanation, Rebecca, and sorry that they will not be installing any in Brightwood. Just FYI, I only work in GTown (can't afford to live here too!), but would love to have something to get me around when I drive, or when I don't want my bike to be stolen if I go into the main part of DC.

I was on a short trip to downtown (near 15th & K st today and saw -2- of the new bikes

Saw my first two in the wild (being used by paying customers) tonight on the Mall. They fit right into the cityscape.

I aw one on the Mount Vernon Trail on the way home tomight. Just before 14th Street Bridge. Great!

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