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How does that work again for Loncoln Park? If DC owns it, should I infer that there is some NPS land nearby that the neighbors hope will get the station instead? Do these contracts really apply to all the tiny stretches of land?

So clearly, there is a large public interest in drafting a clause to explicitly exclude bike-share from the exclusive right of first refusal for the next time these NPS contracts are bid. I see two options: NPS could strike bike rentals from concession contracts and just have a Capital Parks-wide bid for bike rentals, with evaluation criteria looks for best value based on both price and number of rental locations. Or just add "(other than rentals for periods of shorter than one hour or
requiring a monthly fee)". Someone needs to track down when the existing contract expires so that it does not get overlooked next time. And possibly, NPS contracts office needs to just change this in the standard forms since this will be relevant to many installations nationwide.

So that must been there are bike-sharing/rental concessions all over NPS land, right? I mean, I guess I've missed the stations over by the Jefferson, up the C&O, etc.

If there were actually an operating private system based on NPS facilities, I'd find this a reasonable position. But Bike&Roll/etc. (which are perfectly fine operations) are all based out of the Reagan/EPA building, no? In any event, they're hardly competing schemes. B&R's daily rental is much better value for $ than a day on a CaBi bike, for sure.

There's a pretty big bike-rental operation at fletcher's boathouse.

Can you point me to the Capitol Hill Listserv. I am very upset by this and would like to have my voice heard in favor of the station. I live at that intersection and had thought it would be a great spot. It is a huge triangle.

I plan to talk to my ANC

Keith, part of this has come off the new hill east listserv - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newhilleast/ but my neighbor told me more that came off the "lincoln park" listserv that I don't subscribe to. It may be this one.


BTW, we're now up to 56 CaBi stations.

I was going to point out the NBC Washington story but you already did. Did they spell your name correctly?

Thanks I will keep you posted on what I find out. I think getting a station into Lincoln Park proper will be very hard. The park service gave the park some kind of designation (ie historic site). And changes to the design are not easy. Twelve years ago I was part of the group that put the current playground equipment in and that was a multi-year effort.

Why not put the bike-sharing station in one of the many "pocket" parks within a block or two of Lincoln Park? There's one at 13th and Consitution, one a block east of the park on North Carolina, several a block or two west of Lincoln Park, etc...

I too live right on Lincoln park and am extremely upset by the decision of some of my neighbors to complain that this station would be a "nuisance." If anything, the ridiculous number of Maryland commuters and commuter buses that terrorize this part of the Hill during rush hour are a real nuisance.

I joined CaBi primarily because this station was supposed to be right near me. I can't believe DDOT folded because of these complaints. It sounds just like the people in Georgetown complaining that the station at 37th & O would produce too much noise, disruption and bring in undesirables. I moved to the Hill to get away from people like that...

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