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I feel like a majority of the transportational bicyclists I see are women--not duded up in cycle clothing, just riding.

I am even see more women riding on the "interim" MBT on 3rd St. NW a block from my house. Originally it was almost all men.

I amused by the fact that at least one person must think of me as "duded up" when I'm riding in my cycling kit> :-)

I was struck by this as well.

The CP/Kojo poll asked "In the last month, have you or a member of your immediate family commuted to work three times or more by bicycle?"

The Census' American Community Survey asks "How did this person usually get to work last week." In 2008, the bicycling estimate for DC was 2.33%.

Note the differences:
"you or a member of your immediate family" vs. "this person" and
"last month" vs. "last week."

Actually, that explains the parity. It may not be that women are biking more, it's that they're counting their spouses (and vice-versa).

Maybe not, but I am seeing a lot of women bicyclists, white women, with my own eyes, in the area between Dupont Circle and Columbia Heights, in significant enough numbers to be noticeable and memorable.


"The city paper the full results of their recent poll up"

I mean,you edited at least once already....

Really, you're going to bust my balls over typos? Editing a blog post on your lunch break from a Droid phone is not easy. You can have a full refund if you'd like. Thanks for being that guy.

The question asked makes a big difference. If you drove 3 times last week, and rode 2, you "drove" last week, which undercounts people who ever bike. This metric is missed in many calculations. If you know how many people are willing and able to ride, then its a matter of making it easier for them to ride. A much easier task, I would say, than getting drivers to try the bike.

You can have a full refund if you'd like.
Beat me to it.

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