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"not just any officer"? Why aren't all their officers trained as first responders?

Since when did "suffered blunt trauma" become "became ill"? If they didn't want to come across as morbid with the specifics, they could have simply said "died in a bicycling accident."

The abdication of responsibility is epidemic in this country. Gallaudet takes it a step farther (or steps farther away) by trying to rewrite reality with an incongruous euphemism. Disturbing.

(An aside: How long before the helmet advocates start asking their operative question?)

Sad to hear about this.

As for the helmet issue, I think most people would agree that single-bike, low-speed (?) accidents are the types of situations where a helmet would provide some protection. It doesn't sound like it was a high-speed collision involving a car.

Folks, it is DPS! What do you truly expect from DPS at Gallaudet?!

After spending many years at Gallaudet, no student, faculty or staff viewed DPS as reliable to dispatch in case of emergency!


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