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I live a block away from that corner and ride by it daily.

At the intersection of 13th and D, NE there are two rowhouses, a hair salon, and the Lincoln Terrace condo building. I wonder where they intend to place the racks.

Halfway down D St., NE lies Kingman Field, a city-owned park, but the sidewalk there isn't especially wide to accommodate the facility.

I encourage the development of bike sharing, but I don't understand why they haven't worked out a deal with the Park Services. They control a lot of open space in the District where it would be relatively straightforward to locate these facilities.

I don't understand why that large pedestrian island off the NE corner of the park won't work (mentioned in the WashCycle post earlier). It seems like a perfect spot.

It's not quite Lincoln Park but there's an enormous empty (and ugly) concrete expanse on the northwest corner of 8th St SE and East Capitol St that is just begging for a bike station. not only is there ample space but it's the convergence of the 90/92 and 96/97 bus routes. Think of the connectivity, people!

Re: above -


The sidewalk on the north side of the 1300 block of D St NE (just south of the playing field) is twice as wide as the standard sidewalk and provides unobstructed southern exposure for solar panel charging. At some point, CaBi needs to extend into the residential neighborhood, so why not start near an apt/condo where population density is a bit higher? Of course, I'd prefer to see more stations across NE Capitol Hill: Lincoln Park, Stanton Park, NE Library, Rosedale Rec, etc, etc.

I have emailed Chris and asked that the station at location next to Lincoln Park be reconsidered. I think Lincoln Park is such a central location on the Hill a station needs to be there. Right now the proposed station map has a big hole in the middle of Capitol Hill.

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