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After being dragged for several miles under the SUV what lights would one expect to find still attached to the bike?

The driver also could have removed any remaining said light. After all 2 defenses work every time when you kill a cyclist:

1) The swerved in front of me.
2) I didn't see them.

I think the police need to contact someone who might have regularly ridden with Ms Pettigrew to get an idea if she normally would have had lights.

Sorry to be repetitive, but I doubt the police are reading this web site. So I hope everyone here will contact the police.

According to MDOT's web site Janet Harrison represents the Maryland State Police on the state's bike-ped advisory committee. Perhaps it would be a good idea for people to express their concerns to her, and ask what the State Police plans to do to correct their repeated tendency to issue preliminary statements that either criticize a dead cyclist or defend the killer before the investigation is even complete.

If you get the chance, you might remind the Post that we had the same problem with the state police and the Post's coverage about a year go.

The police investigation is still happening, so, for all we know, the DA and the police are working diligently to put together a winnable criminal case.

Having said that, however, we need to make sure this does not become another case of, "well, it's tragic, but it's nobody's fault."

Did you see the video of the front of that Escalade?

Let's do a little experiment. Go outside, and hit your car in the grill with a baseball bat as hard as you can. Note the noise level. Compare the damage you cause to the picture of the Cadillac. Not even close, is it?

Next, find a traffic cone and drive over it. See if you can get it wedged, so it drags under your car. Pretty loud, huh? This won't be totally realistic, though, because there's no metal. You won't hear the scraping noises, or see any sparks. It won't be like dragging a bike.

In other words, the, "I thought I hit a deer," story is completely implausible. A more likely explanation is that someone wanted to get home to beat a breathalyzer. Heck, Christy Littleford may not have even been driving; she may be covering up for someone else.

Even if this speculation proves to be wrong, though, whoever was driving that 5,700 lb. vehicle, left a human being mortally wounded on the side of the road, without even stopping - and his or her excuse for doing so is as flimsy as wet tissue paper.

Let's hope the DA is just being very careful to prosecute this one well. If the DA can't, or won't, meet the standard of proof for a criminal conviction, let's hope whoever did this gets raked over the coals in a civil suit.

To me, that level of damage to a vehicle, a dead cyclist, and a bike wedged under a car, is prima facie evidence of gross negligence, at the very least.

Let's make sure this doesn't become yet another case of police hearing, "I didn't see her," and saying, "Well, she said she didn't see her. What do you want us to do? It's an accident."

Deepest condolences to Nancy Pettigrew's family.

Fox News at 10 tonight had some more information.

The mother of the victim visited the scene and, astonishingly, found one of her daughters shoes still lying there uncollected. I believe another TV news crew also has reported finding pieces of a red smashed light or reflector lying about.

Seems like the police are up to their usual post-accident non-investigation investigation.

Bigger news is that there was a witness to to the crash. She reported the SUV stopped (which the driver of the SUV confirms) and that smoke was steaming from the car. She also said the SUV quickly left while she went to the side of the victim.

And Fox reports that the driver of the SUV didn't report the accident to the police until ***** 4 ****** hours later!

Sobering up to avoid the DUI manslaughter charger perhaps?

The Fox 5 story is here:


it's hard for me to write this between my tears, but:

WHEN will the Police enforce the speed limit laws? And if they cannot becasue of simple lack of personnel, when will they have the god-damn balls to tell the legislators and "the people" that they cannot enforce the most important of the traffic laws? the police are stupid macho asses who are really just moral cowards -- or are just plain stupid (although i ackonlwegde their good intentions: its their judgment and professional (sic) practices that makes them targets of my comments, not their philosophical pronouncements.

i ride 15,000 miles a year and have done so for over 24 years. in all sorts of conditions; in many cities in the usa and europe. i will NOT ALLOW my 21 year old daughter to get on a bicycle in this toxic culture in general, and this downright caveman transportation culture. it's not worth it.

munich; barcelona; japan; scandanvia -- even stupid england -- all have laws with teeth to protect bicyclists. but not here in the usa.

and please dont be stupid enough to try and placate me by suggesting this person will be prosecuted for hitting a cyclist. so what? it is the CULTURE that allows idiots vehicles to purchase vehicles like Escalade and then SUBSIDIZES the purchase -- that is the real evil...and this culture is just the aggregate reflection of your dumb-ass arrogant american. you know, the one who will vote right wing, and now work until 75 to retire!...

JeffB, I watched the Fox story and don't see the four hour gap mentioned. It looks more like an hour.

Do deer normally trail sparks as you drag them under your car at speed for three miles? This woman should be charged with reckless homicide and sued into poverty.


The legislatures cannot enact any traffic laws with real enforcement and punishments because whenever they try, they get pushback from the public. Remember what happened in VA when they attempted to raise fines for speeding to $1000? The statute lasted less than a full session due to public outcry. Your average American wants the "right" to be reckless behind the wheel. In the end, your average citizen is who deserves the blame, as it is they who stand against proper statutes and enforcement.


I just watched the 2 Fox videos at the link provided by contrarian. One vidoe was the 10PM report I saw. The other was an earlier report from 5PM.

Both had pretty much the same information and video. Both clearly do state that the call from the driver came **** 4 hours *** later.

@washcycle: The Fox story mentions the four hour gap in the last sentence.

Does someone have a picture of the damage to the Escalade?

JeffB and Eric W:

The Post says that the call took place sometime before 6:30. Surely the call was logged and the mystery will be resolved.

I look forward to the day when "I didn't see them" is regarded as a confession of fail to keep a proper lookout while operating a motor vehicle, that then results in negligent homicide charges.

twk - Amen to that, brother (or sister)!

I look forward to the day when "I didn't see them" is regarded as a confession of fail to keep a proper lookout while operating a motor vehicle, that then results in negligent homicide charges.

I understand where you're coming from, but bear in mind that it was *dark* and that it has not been determined whether Ms. Pettigrew had a light or reflective clothing.

it took me 5 minutes to drive from the crash site to the Littleford home in Upper Marlboro.
A white pages look-up shows a Christy R. Littleford at 12802 Redgrave Dr in Upper Marlboro, about 3 blocks off Rt 202, and about 4 miles from the crash site.

the Littleford home in Upper Marlboro does not have a garage. the front of this home in Uppper Marlboro was included in some news camera video footage. However, other news video footage shows the damaged SUV backed into a garage. does naybody know the location of that garage? Is that a neighbor's or a friend's home?
it should also be noted that the opposite side of Rt 202 at the scene of the accident is painted with designated bicycle lane. there are also ped crossings, as this in very close to the community college and the Largo high school.

In response to giveup ... it is just as bad in my part of the world. I just wrote about the tragic death of Nancy Pettigrew, comparing it with the way our Canadian courts have just wrist-slapped a motorist who killed two fund-raising cyclists (http://averagejoecyclist.com/?p=1588) Like you, I cycle all the time, but I will not let any of my three daughters cycle while I live in a society that is so toxic for cyclists and so insanely pro-car (despite the fact that cars kill ALL of us - cyclists, pedestrians AND motorists)! We should have our species name changed from Homo sapiens to Homo lemmings ...

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