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I said the recommendations compare favorably. The Nashville plan is better in terms of the facilities recommendations, because they had more people, more resources to do the job, not just because it was for a larger area, but more resources generally.

(The Baltimore county plan was done by me and a GIS analyst, with supervision from our boss -- probably, and an advisory committee. Our boss probably did max. 20% time, we worked 4 days/week.

I ride past that Crescent Falls Church property frequently, if it's the building next to the Econo Lodge. I didn't know the property hadn't been finished yet. It looked complete to me. I guess not.

Thanks for the note about the ICC 5K. I may have to sign up for that run. While I still like cycling a little better than running, I'm starting to enjoy running more this year, now that I'm not getting injured from it all the time like last year.

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