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I guess we don't really even need to check the score to the UT-UCLA game?

The last article on LAPD will arrest cyclists who break laws, disgracefully plays to anti-bike prejudice. A bunch of cyclists smoked marijuana and rode through a store. All of this is reasonable grounds for arrest. However, you only get to that part of the story after throwing a bunch of red meat to those fed up with scofflaw cyclists.

The LAPD, who opearate in a city where everyone is fake and cheats at football and steals from old ladies, is going to start arresting cyclists who break the law during critical mass rides.

Good! They're clowns. The more arrests the better.

Reading that article, I don't think the process server was on a bicycle.

@SJE, get to that part of the story? It's only a 4 sentences, and it's not a 4 sentence story that will feed people fed up with cyclists, it's those very "scofflaw cyclists" they plan to charge/arrest for breaking the law at a critical mass law. I'm all for critical mass and the message it carries, but I'd rather not have people out there who are shooting the movement and the image of cyclists in the foot by blocking traffic, harassing pedestrians and drivers. If the LAPD can get those that are there just because they know they can get away with things they normally wouldn't be able to then good for them. Critical Mass should be seen as away to improve bike friendly planning, not as riotous/mob mentality bikers that flooding the streets every month to cause mischief.

Chris: I read the story. I completely agree that those people should have been arrested. I agree that there are a lot of jerks at CM rides who set a bad image, and ticketing wouldn't be a bad thing. BUt not all. However, the story starts off with "arrest crazy cyclists" moves to CM, and then discusses the particular incident. What are they targeting? Are they using particular instances as examples of CM, or of cyclists in general. It is how I would write if I was trying to cast aspersions without making a clear statement on which to be hanged.

I think Critical Mass riders would serve the cause of bikes better if they took to the streets once a month on Rollerblades, wielding croquet mallets.

SJE: I see your point and I now believe the incident should have come before the mention of mass rides, but in my original reading I didn't feel that it conveyed that intention.

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