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Actually, they look pretty normal to me. That '89 time trial on the last day is, in my opinion, one of the most dramatic moments in sport. The funny thing is that LeMond was wearing one of those funny time trial helmets and had aero bars. Many French considered it cheating.

I watch a VHS recording of it from time to time.

I think I'll dust off the ol' VCR tonight.

Adieu Professeur! RIP. To some of us, its the helmets that look strange. Back in the day, it just wasn't done for the most part. The helmet requirement is fairly

Perhaps they look weird because you can actually *see* them without the Giger-esque buckets on their heads, ha. No mistaking either of the two of them in that shot.

RIP Fignon.

Indeed. They do look great without their helmets. ;)

Thanks for the news summary.

I didn't start watching the tour until after they started wearing helmets and wrap-around sunglasses. Seeing a guy wear no helmet and wire rim glasses looks weird to me. I'm from Austin, so weird is not an insult.

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