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The forum is a good idea, if people actually use it. Are you going to add a permanent link to it on the left column of this site? And does the WABA blog "compete" with TheWashCycle? It seems like their blog is designed for official announcements and they don't cover as many stories as you do.

Wow, I like it a lot.

In regards posting a link, please do. Can you also please remove those links that are inactive or can be replaced with a better link. e.g. the San Francisco link has not been upated since January 2009, with the author announcing an indefinite hiatus. Surely there is a good SF bike blog somewhere?

Of course, with a child you have no time, but I thought to ask.

I will add the WABA links. They're not going to compete with me, we even mean to talk about it, but haven't yet. Let me know of other broken links and a suggestion for a replacement of the SF bike blog.

SF: from googling, there is http://www.sfbike.org/

Also this his bike/lifestyle blog http://bikesandthecity.blogspot.com/

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