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I doubt it. We did too well in the first round.

Agreed, we're toast. We can only hope the CaBi app's multi-jurisdictional nature has some sort of sway, I have no idea how MD and VA did in TIGER I, so maybe they'll (we'll) get it. On a patriotic note, there are so many good projects in the hopper for this, my only hope is that congress sees the light and pumps even more money into these kinds of competitive programs. The problem is that lame states like Wyoming that have influential senators hate it because they aren't competitive for the money. It's a fundamental flaw (or protection) of our constitutional democracy...

The failure of Prince Georges County to participate did not help. At the very least, National Harbor should have been included given its proximity to proposed CaBi stations in Alexandria. Possibly stations could be justified to the south as far as Fort Washington or (more likely) to the North as far as the DC line to acommodate people with terrible bus connections who live near Southern Avenue and work at National Harbor.

FYI, I don't think the TIGER II apps will be coming out today. There's been some rumors floating around this week about their release, but everything we've heard pins it closer to the election, perhaps in that first week of November. But the HUD livability grants came out yesterday. (Part of that HUD/EPA/DOT partnership.) No Metro DC winners, however.

@Jim Titus
I'm not sure who is running things in PG County, but I do know that National Harbor is designed as if bicycles were some sort of plague to be kept at bay. All street approaches resemble freeways, the pedestrian path connecting to the Wilson Bridge Trail is paved with unrideable oyster shells and fences block access to the nearby residential neighborhood (and to the Matthew Henson Trail just beyond that neighborhood). As near as I can tell, NH doesn't want our bicycles or our business (to the detriment of NH, PG County, and the public).

Steve D. They are and they aren't. It appears the decisions have been made, and some of the projects have been announced by members of congress, but the whole list has not been announced. Our members have made no announcement yet.

If I am wrong, I blame the Mayor of Atlanta. Same as I do for everything else wrong.

@Jonathan Krall,
I am baffled by that terrible section of path, my guess is that each of three entities thought the other would pave it.
National Harbor cooperated with MNCPPC's plan for a trail along all of National Harbor which would connect to an MNCPPC easement along the water for a trail to connect to Ft Foote (NPS) park. But the residents have successfully blocked it, and there was no plan B. I think that eventually there will be an outlet to Ft Foote Road for bike ped, but not until that part of the project is complete.
Meanwhile, the neighbors around Panorama Drive etc always opposed the development, hoping that things would just always stay the way they were. Most people would probably have preferred that sole access wouild be from the Beltway/I-295 though of course that would be impossible. But National Harbor took the hint and designed accordingly.

PG DPWT lacks a bike coordinator so alot of things just won't get done. Like posting signs telling people where to go. Potomac Heritage Trail (NPS) will probably have signs up soon, though NPS sometimes seems to assume that everyone will know what a little sign saying PHT means.

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