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Where did you find the information about the lanes that DDOT hopes to install before the end of the year? Two of them would really help my daily commute and I'd really like to know about their progress.

It's from a DDOT presentation to the BAC facilities committee.

On Milestone #2 - The goal was for 3% of trips to be by bicycle. The ACS and the COG data only count commute trips. If the goal was for 3% of all trips, then they have no doubt met this goal with non-commute bicycle trips.

The Street Smart public awareness campaign is conducted twice each year, so it's semiannual, not biannual. Street Smart's primary focus, however, is walking, not bicycling. More importantly, DDOT hires WABA to conduct bicyclist education for adults (Confident City Cycling).

Allen, my memory from middle school grammar is that biannual means either twice a year or two times a year; which I remember solely because it seemed really stupid.

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