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Thanks for you advocacy on this.

Thank you Jonathan!

It never ceases to amaze me how developers try to skirt their contractual responsibilities.

Boo on that! What would be the best way (short of attending a planning meeting) of expressing our support for the bike trail?

Thanks Wash.

Is not there a bike path that goes to rustico from target? I know that the devloper had also kinda promised that a metro station would be build there. The only people that the bridge would help would be the people in the townhouses. The rest of the world can cross the bridge that is there. I can understand it was promised and I can understand that it would cut about 10-15 minutes of someones walking time to target but is it really needed? There are other "projects to finished" that the devloper has also promised such as trails that end because they promised a trail to the marina too.

Alexandria Officials can be contacted via this page: http://www3.alexandriava.gov/contactus/view_contactus.php
The people you want to write to are Planning and Zoning:

Yes, there is a trail/sidepath along the east side of Rt. 1. Not ideal, IMO, as I feel that sidepaths (glorified sidewalks) are more dangerous than separated trails. The proposed trail will parallel the train tracks and should have very few at-grade crossings. The pedestrian bridge will be a northern connection between Potomac Greens, which has a number of shops and restaurants and the very large Potomac Yard development.

And yes, 10-15 minutes of walking time matters. Motorists have a transportation network that is, for them, everywhere visible, accessible and connected. Cyclists and pedestrians deserve the same.

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