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There was only $600 million in grant funding to cover over $19 billion in requests, so it was a real longshot. Next year hopefully will bring TEA-21 reauthorization legislation(the big multi-year surface transportation bill) which would present more opportunities, either earmarky or competitive.

I don't know how much support we might get from a Republican-led House, however. Some (although not the whole caucus) would gleefully lampoon bikesharing as taxpayer-funded toys for viognier-drinking liberals.

Hopefully more private capital can be enticed in for the next phase, like the London system's Barclays tie-up. Personally, I think it would be a clever play for a car company like VW or Nissan to become a major sponsor.

Valerie Ervin and George Leventhal, both members of the Montgomery County Council, have been big advocates of extending the bike sharing system into Montgomery County. Just a few weeks ago they wrote to Art Holmes, the head of the county's DOT, to press him to explain why the county has not done more to explore bike sharing options. You can send them e-mail at [email protected] and councilmember.leventhal at montgomerycountymd.gov -- it is well worth the time to thank them for their efforts on this, not just because it would be great to have bike sharing in the denser parts of the suburbs but because we need to show that support for bicycling is appreciated.

Hey! I'm going to write my Congressman and Senator right n.... oh...wait...


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