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Not sure I like this wording:
Long term parking must be inside the building and no more than one floor from the ground floor.

In that the floor that is picked as the ground froor should matter, as it should be any floor that is directly accessable from the outside. For example a build could have doors leading directly to the sidewalk on foor 2 but also have a ramp down that gives access to floor 1.

Eli, that was my wording - I was trying to summarize. You should read the regulations themselves and see if that sounds better.

I forgot to mention that one of the requirements is that "Sexually-based Business Establishments" are required to have 1 LT and one ST parking space for every 10,000. Which is great for those of us who bike to sexually based business establishments.

@wash: SBEs - Does that include prenatal care?

I have no idea what that refers to, but I assumed it meant strip clubs.

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