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DDOT put one of these in next to Juicy Couture on Thomas Jefferson Street as well. Not sure why, though all the shoppers do seem to be wearing sweatpants and other bike appropriate attire when they enter and leave, but then they make a B-line for a giant SUV.

Actually,I had sent a couple e-mails to DDOT to get something put around there. I was trying for one on the sidewalk by B&N since all the poles and trees are always parked up with bikes.

This is great. Up until now the only convenient things to lock up to in Georgetown have been trash cans and gas meter pipes.

Wonder when that went in. I was just down there Monday to go kayaking from Jack's Boathouse. Of course, I ended up going there in a "cage" so I may just have missed it. I wasn't the one driving, though, and I tend to play "I spy something cycling related" while seated in the passenger seat of a car anymore.

Nice addition.

BlindPilot: the rack has been there for a few weeks now. You may miss it if you are scooting past, trying not to get hit by the crazy traffic on K St.

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