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That's a swell idea. The vending machines will be probably be lightly used but the city fathers can throw a bone to the helmet lobby.

Looks like a win-win to me.

Let bike sharing grow and prosper.

Melbourne also has a CaBi style bike system (look at their website)

This is a horrible idea that will (predictably) fail.

Cue inevitable helmet debate *now*.

I worked on a bike share project in a major US city. We planned on having the same exact thing, helmets for sale at nearby stores for $6. We planned on buying the same helmets the local PD department uses. Cost to us would be $4, we'd give the $2 profit to the store as an incentive. We had no recycling plans, but thats a good idea.

Shockingly cheap huh? Think about how much a perfectly good helmet costs when you see them prices at $30 in a store.

Anyone knows the vending machine company name, please?

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