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Mionske hosts a pretty good site about bicycle law (bicyclelaw.com). His assessment of the Pettigrew manslaughter (negligent homicide?) is spot-on.

I kind of hate Mionske because he's smarter than me, a better writer than me, a better cyclist than me and better looking than me. He's probably charming too. Jerk.

Don't be so hard on yourself! Your blog's title is so much more creative.

The folding helmet looks like it would be useful in collisions... with insects.

Doesn't seem like it would offer much protection. And even if it were made of stronger material, would that be a good thing? There would be a lot of sharp edges on that helmet.

Can you imagine getting knocked in the head while wearing something like that? Freddie Kruger might be pleased with the results but the rest of us wouldn't be.

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