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The Rt. 1 bridge deck isn't here, it's further north on Fort Hunt road where Fort Hunt bisects Rt. 1.

If the cyclist were heading east on Belle Haven through the intersection of Belle Haven and Fort Hunt and was left-hooked, I'd bet my life it's because the momentum of the cyclist (because Belle Haven is a downward slope heading east into the intersection) and the car probabaly just made the turn into him.

That's a terrible thing - I hope someone reports something about the vechile description.

As TB mentions above, I think you reference the wrong area.

I think the link below shows the cyclist's approach to the intersection. There is no sidepath.


Belle Haven Blvd is quite steep leading to the intersection. One can go quite fast through the intersection.

You're right. I misread the map.

I spent more than 4 hours in the Fairfax Police station about two years, with the Magistrate, and the guy who sidewswiped me, trying to get the Police to charge the side-swiper (a Baltimore-resident) of side-swiping me *on purpose* on Fox Hunt Road, near Belle Haven Road. Despite dirt on my pants from his car! -- and the fact that I chased the driver (unbeknownst to him) into a Safeway parking lot and called the Police...who met us both in the parking lot after the driver had finished his shopping...(yes, the look on his face was priceless)...the Police did NOTHING. This driver -- a 60 year old wealthy male in a restored hot-rodded 1960s Mustang, deliberately jerked his car into me as he passed me on Fox Hunt Road when I was on the extreme left edge of the road. he did so, quote, "teach me a lesson." Yes, I know we've all heard this a million times. Apparently, this is news to law enforcement... The lesson I needed, I guess, was that I wasnt supposed to be on the road because -- you guessed it -- there's a sidepath, piece of crap bike path on Fox Hunt road.

This is as clear a case of assault (and with the sideswipe) battery as it gets...yet the Police did nothing.

Im sorry a cyclist was hit in Fairfax County. Really sorry, and digusted, and it makes me lose my appetite for lunch thinking about his injuries.

But make no mistake: Fairfax is HOSTILE to bicycles. Ride there with GREAT caution.

This is inaccurate. The Cactus Mica colored 2005 Toyota Corolla CE was towed away from the scene by police investigators. The driver stayed for the entire event and was given the paperwork for having his car towed. No charges were filed at the time of the accident.

Took place at the intersection of Fort Hunt and Belle Haven at roughly 3pm.

No, before you ask, I am not the driver. It was a terrible accident. But, please in the future get all your facts straight before posting something like this.

I wonder if the Belle View Boulevard detour isn't a contributing factor here. Belle View Blvd has been closed for many weeks and traffic is detoured onto Belle Haven Road. Traffic probably backs up at the intersection (which has a light) which wasn't designed for its current traffic volume.

D.Davidson, do you have a source for this information. Mine is the Bethesda Patch (linked above). It certainly seems legit.

Getting all the facts, as you say, would be nice. But it's beyond my capabilities. It's not like there are a staff of dozens here. I try to link to my source and people can make their own judgments. Also, a blog is a bit more fluid. Readers help make corrections. The story updates. I issue corrections as needed.

The Patch article gives the year make and model of the car involved. Usually in a hit-and-run you don't have such exact detail.

I think, in this case, they have the drivers side but not the cyclists side and so the police are seeking witnesses.

John: I would say yes it's a factor, especially since that's the official detour route.

Washcycle. I know because I know. There were a lot of eyes at the scene of the accident. Would be nice if more came forward. Also, there is a record with Redman Fleet Services where they towed the Corolla on the 14th to the police impound then back to their lot on the 18th.

D. Davidson is correct I live at the intersection of Ft. Hunt and Belle Haven Rd. The bike rider was going down the hill across Ft. Hunt road(eastbound) and was stuck by a driver turning left onto Ft. Hunt from Belle Haven. The drver was on the scene of the accidnet the ENITRE time. This was NOT a hit and run!!I did not witness the accident but was on the scene very shorty after. The hill coming down through the intersection is extremely steep and the cyclist could have been going extremely fast making it very difficult for him to have been seen by the driver. Also at that time of day the sun is right in your eyes when driving and that could have been a facotr as well.

Right. I updated the post, and changed the title yesterday.

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