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i have to admit, there have been a couple times that i've used cabi without a helmet, and i understand the point made here...you're moving so much slower than you would on your personal bike, so a helmet seems less necessary.

still, without separated lanes to keep me away from the maryland and DC drivers who seem to find it a sport to try to run cyclists off the road, i know i should stick with the helmet for now.

excellent! thanks for posting...

ive been on many cabi rides by now. it is GREAT!

and, no i dont wear a helmet. my 84 year old grandmother, who's ridden bikes just for fun in her life, didnt wear a helmet either when she rode with me.

bikes are inherently safe. NOT ACCIDENT PROOF, but safe enough to use not wearing a helmet.

One of the other interesting bits of this piece was their price point. I wonder if CaBi might be pricing out many potential customers. I know I can't justify the currrent annual. There needs to be something in between single use and current full membership price. It might get more people who live in DC to appreciate those bike lanes they don't have a use for.
it might get more "why not" memberships from the burbs, too.

Dublin can charge less because they have ads. DDOT has to balance the contradictory goals of maximizing ridership (which would mean lower prices) and maximizing revenue (which would mean higher prices). If they were a business, they'd only be worried about the latter goal.

As it is, they already have more members than they expected they would. They might find themselves with the problem of too many members (no one can find a bike).

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