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Um...what about the CaBi at 37th and O, all of three blocks away? Or 30th and M?

Hi WashCycle,
Are there future meetings planned to discuss CaBi in Georgetown that are open to the public and is that info posted somewhere on a regular basis? Thanks,

"people might park nearby just to use the bike station"

Drive to use the bike station? Talk about not getting it!!!

Palumur, what about them? I don't understand what you're asking/saying.

Jakob, not that I know of. I didn't even know about this meeting until yesterday afternoon.

I wonder if CaBi has considered installing stations on a "test" basis; I seem to recall them being reasonably easy to move around. Then when people say "it's going to ruin our neighborhood" they could say "why don't we try it, and let's talk again in 3-6 months"...I feel like by the time the station had been in use for a little while people would forget about it and not be riled up (since it didn't ruin their lives) by the time the review period ended.

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