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At last night's Arlington BAC meeting, I learned that CaBi has the capacity to set up a "mobile" docking station/corral. That is, create a station in some area (say, the Mall) to accomodate CaBi bikes coming into/out of the area for a special event. The catch? Costs ~$8k a pop. That's a lot of valet space, among other things.

MB, thanks for reminding me. I knew that and even posted about it here, but then I forgot.

" CaBi will staff as many as eight events in the first year, ramping up to 20 a year later, with a bike coral. This will be a roped off area where employees can check out bikes with handheld devices. This way, when an event brings added traffic to an area, DDOT can adjust the system to handle that."

I saw a lot of CaBi bikes out and about after the Rally on Saturday. I went to the Rally, but b/c I went w/ my wife (who doesn't ride), I had taken metro. After the rally ended (my wife had left early), I saw the line to get on the metro and just decided to walk back to Crystal City and have my wife pick me up there.

As I walked back, I saw some people riding across the bridge and down the MT on CaBis, and I kicked myself for not thinking of that and finding a station. I haven't gotten a chance to try CaBi yet, and a day membership to get a bike to get over to the VA side of the river could have killed three or four birds with one stone. Oh well. Live and learn.

You couldn't be more right about metro and bikes...

I used CaBi after the rally - picked up a bike after lunch at Capital South, rode up to Chinatown to check it back in, then checked the bike back out to make the rest of the trip to Dupont. I beat my friends who decided to take the metro by 20 minutes.

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