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you should be on the right on the street with CARS.

on a trail, WITH BIKES and only other walkers, walk on the left. ive been doing this for 30 years...it works and is safe. i never get buzzed by bicyclists...

the walk on right always rule sounds like the Forester Bike Religion creeping in...

please do read Zach Furness' One lESS cAR: Bicycling and The Politics of Automobility. An excellent book...

Mike, that's not the rule. And you don't give a reason why cyclists and pedestrians should go in opposite directions. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

One problem with contraflow pedestrians is that if they aren't paying attention (think phonecalls, texting, chatting with other contraflow peds, daydreaming, sightseeing) and suddenly become aware of an approaching cyclist, they often panic and do the squirrel dance.

We know what usually happens to squirrels who do this with automobiles.

And yes, when this happens to me, I slow down. Not a huge pain in the ass (except when you're in a hurry), but less likely to happen if both parties are moving in the same direction.

Some signs on the trails would be a good idea, just setting out the "rules." A lot of conflicts/ bad feelings occur because people do not have clear ideas of what rights and responsibilities they have. e.g. pedestrians to give room and to pay attention, cyclists to give fair warning, etc.

SJE, Richard Layman said the same thing on his blog and I agree.

Without rules posted anywhere we can debate this forever. Should our next project be "Revisions to the Pedestrians on Trails Handbook?"

Seriously we need to get everyone on the same page here.

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