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Did that bump in the trail ever get fixed...?

Sorry I couldn't make it this year, but I'd definitely be interested in doing this next year if it materializes, I've always wanted to ride _around_ DC.

I forgot to mention that I talked to someone at MoCo parks about the bump and he was looking into it when last I checked. I'll continue to follow up on it.

Great video.

Glad to hear the guy that got hurt is doing better. And FWIW, I would have been on the ride again this year (I really enjoyed last year), except I was out of shape and out of town.

I had a great time this year. If you were to do another, or if I were to round up my friends and drag them along on the same route, I'd do it backwards. Seems like a nice slow roll down the MVT would be a great way to end that ride. Although bombing down into National Harbor was pretty sweet.

I hope to join the ride next year and to have some of my Northern Cornerstone neighbors staff a water and rest stop.

Thanks for posting the video and for organizing the ride. It was a great ride and I really enjoyed it. If you have it next year, I'd come if my schedule allows.

Here's a vote for doing it again next year. I've always wanted to do this, and will if you go again.

One more vote to keep the ride. I'd really like to do it one of these years, hopefully on a tandem with one of my kids as stoker (which is how I did the Air Force Cycling Classic this past spring).

In Wash's defense, my original intention was to meet them when they got to Southern/Suitland Rd. I got done early and didn't want to wait around, plus I hadn't gotten a phone call or seen a status tweet, so I took off early and backtracked up to Eastern Ave...had lunch in front of a church while I was waiting for the group.

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