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When I saw the title of this post, I thought you might be referring to the new median that DDOT is building on Connecticut Ave. between K St. and L St.

It was in the news this week because the construction work on the median dislodged a section of concrete from the ceiling of the Farragut North Metro station directly below. A section "about the size of a human head" came crashing down onto the station platform, according to a witness.

Fortunately no one was hurt. The station was closed for much of Wed. afternoon and evening, but it was open again on Thur.

The median is not long enough to have a significant impact on area cyclists. I heard that it was being added to stop car drivers from making U-turns in that section of Connecticut Ave.

I'd be happy if they just paved that stretch from Conn Ave to Georgetown smooth like it should be. The paving conditions on the right side of the roadway are some of the worst in the city.

Yeah, good luck with that. I'm a fan of thinking big, but I generally like to keep it within the realm of reality.

Did I miss the background re what this workshop is? Was this a DDOT-sponsored workshop? Any reasonable thought that the street might actually wind up looking like this? Sorry if my questions have been answered.

Sorry, it was from the ThinkBike workshop put on by the Dutch embassy and did include DDOT staff.

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