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Columbia Pike is do-able, but scary and more so with all the construction around Penrose. The alternatives are clunky at best. It is disappointing that Arlington has such poor bicycle infrastructure in this area of the county.
27 and 244 are real barriers. I've never tried Ft Myer but perhaps I should.

Wow. One section of their proposed (pink) route is pretty radical: where 9th street dead-ends just west of quincy. At the moment, there are a set of stairs going from the dead-end down to Randolf (grade change). On the other side, there's a private residence. The path somehow gets through the park and then across George Mason, through more private property to Taylor.

That's a whole lot of eminent domain. For that reason, I'd bet that Arlington is going to stick with the Green path around (8th st. across George Mason). Quincy and 8th are both very wide in those sections allowing for a bike lane, but parallel parking for the well-used pocket park along GM would narrow it.

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