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"It's not unreasonable to believe that traffic on the new trail would match or exceed traffic on the existing western section."

Disagree. It's the relative SES standing of the users that predict usage; if the trail goes through high SES 'hoods, then the trail will flourish. And if not...well, look for trash, graffiti, misuse, no use...the usual.

Arguably it is low SES that accounts for there not being bicycle usage of any significance east of the Anacosotia River, even though the poorer, less formally educated, less formally credentialized population over there would stand to see the biggest benefit of their communities going meaningfully multi-transport modal.

In other words: bicycle transport is as much, if not more, a SOCIAL JUSTICE issue as it is an engineering one.

Bicyclists should not be surprised that the smarter neo-conservatives stifling progressive social see bicyclists as watermelons: green on the outside, but red on the inside...

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