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Wow... that's an emphatic vote of confidence in how the program is going.

Wow is right. 100 more locations? Pretty cool. I'm excited to see when and where CaBi expands, in both D.C. and Arlington. And possibly other jurisdictions. I hope Alexandria, Falls Church, Montgomery County and Prince Georges County come on board soon.

As for Smartbike, does anyone care? I can't imagine too many people are using it, especially since Smartbike users can transfer over to the better CaBi system (correct?). Maybe they can donate the Smartbikes to one of the local nonprofits like Phoenix Bikes in Northern Virginia. (Don't quite remember the name of that place.)

The Xmas light ride is brilliant. I was just at CVS looking for things to turn my Xtracycle into a rolling yuletide extravaganza.

Regarding Smartbike, I still use it once or twice a week. I really like those bikes, with their mix of Soviet-bloc styling and Schwinn Mag Scrambler handling. Plus, the top gear ratio is noticably higher than on CaBi's dozy cruisers. (I can't believe I'm already waxing nostalgic for old-school bike sharing.)

The reasons to care about SmartBike is that clear channel owes the District for the bus contract they won five years ago. Letting them walk away from CaBi constitutes a windfall for them - in part because they were hard to work with. Also, the current stations are preventing some CaBi stations from going in.

"And we already have 100 more locations planned"

Doesn't that just mean "we have a 100-station-long wishlist?

Last I heard, and assuming we are only talking about the District- they only had funding to expand by 20 stations in the spring.

I'm all for wishlists-- I have one as well-- and I'm definitely keen on 100 new stations, but Klein *always* seems to underestimate delivery dates.

I prefer the Montgomery Scott Method: say you'll need two days, but deliver in two hours.

Steven, I think you're right. They know where they will put the next 100 stations. They haven't identified funding to pay for all of those.

Montgomery Scott was an engineer. Klein is a manager.

Steven is correct.

Regarding Michael's earlier comment, Alexandria would like to join, but they don't have the funding to implement at the present time. That said, after DC lost out on TIGER II grants, Alexandria continued to work through MWCOG to get a smaller Kaiser-Permanente grant that, while not as large as the TIGER II request, would still allow for a few CaBi stations in the Potomac Yard area.

Is there funding for Potomac Yard stations or is that just something they are working on?

That's something being worked on. MWCOG is working on trying to get a Kaiser-Permanente grant in order to fund additional CaBi stations. A few of them would be in Potomac Yard.

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