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Typical Examiner - pushing their own agenda.

I know the MSM constantly mistrepresents (to put it mildly) facts in their reporting because they know who butters their bread (the whole Wikileaks thing, for example, and the inaccuracies that are still floated about in the MSM until they almost become memes are mind-boggling), but you'd think the local press would try a little bit harder. Unbeleivable (well, except that there's a larger precedent).

Thanks for the update!

I wouldn't confuse the Washington Examiner as being an example of the "MSM". Responsible news organizations try to keep a clear separation between editorial opinion and straight news reporting. And they often will present a variety of views on their editorial side.

The Examiner, sister publication of the Weekly Standard, only represents an extreme conservative viewpoint and allows that bias to freely bleed into it's "news".

I believe the editor of the Examiner, Stephen G Smith, has authored several recent opinions that betray a completely car-centric viewpoint of the world.

@JeffB, wasn't confused--read my whole post.

wow. what a great response.

My take on The Examiner's "omission":

"The Examiner on Bike Lanes: From the "Can't You Get Anything Right?" File" :


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