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Is this tongue in cheek? You'd probably have to make a round trip on that thing for every two trash cans you emptied.

The other thing is that installing trash cans means that people will use them and they all need to be emptied and maintained regularly. While it might prevent some litter, it will also shift some of the burden of trash removal from the more easily accessible ones to ones on the trail.

It would probably cost a lot less just to hire someone to clean up trash once a month or something, then to maintain all those inaccessible trash cans. Even if you did install a can every mile you'd still have people littering, anyway.

any social scientist wil tell you" the CCT doesnt have much trash because of the quality of the people in that area: very high SES.

I suspect you would be surprised how much "that thing" can carry. 200 to 300 pounds would not surprise me at all, and pretty much as large a volume as you could build a trailer.

I was going to say the same thing as cycler. I'm 99% confident that your average cyclist could pull that thing from G'town to Bethesda (uphill) filling it with trash bags along the way, and make it to Bethesda without any problems.

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