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I rode from Potomac to Howard U. Campus and back yesterday, my usual commute. I arrived home faster than if I would have driven. 1 hour 20 mins
Drivers were complete jerks, especially in MoCo.

Hailed a CaBi to Metro. Looked bailfully out from the Yellow Line at the Mt Vernon Cross-Country Ski Preserve, and did see one hardy soul spinning his way through the muck.

The snow ended my bike commuting since I have to use the Mount Vernon Trail and 14th Street Bridge for about 11 miles. Even with snow tires, the 14 mile trip would just take too long. I'll be back at it as soon as the path is clear.

I was hesitant to use CCT after last winter's experience. Can anyone comment on the status of the CCT now?

I tried the CCT this morning (with studded tires on a FS mountain bike) thinking the snow amounts were what we got in Rockville. But in Bethesda there was enough snow that the pock marks from pedestrians kept my speed down to 5-6mph. Without studs or suspension it would really be a white knuckle ride. The thought of breezing into DC at rush hour after what would have been a 2 hour CCT ride sent me back to the metro.

I rode home on the Mount Vernon Trail last night and it was surprisingly doable. OK, not my usual speed but steady. This morning, I was afraid that the snow would have all frozen over but was pleasantly surprised.

Riding definitely requires extra attention and concentration but it is doable and rewarding. Not a lot of riders out there this monring...

I rode my old Mongoose hybrid with 700x32 Panaracer T-serv tires (i.e. almost slick). Not the best choice of tire in these conditions. ;-)

That's my pic :) I saw several bikers out the day of the storm, including on the bikeshare bikes. The guy in the pic wasn't going too fast but it looked like a pretty stable ride.

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